Additional information concerning monoclonal antibodies

Invoiced item Price(GBP)
Development of monoclonal antibodies against customer supplied antigen - not refundable 850,-
The rest of the payment invoiced after the producing hybridoma(s) are successfully delivered to customer 2400-2900,-*

  • *The exact price (range as above) depends from complexity of project. It is fixed after project is specified in detail, please inquire.
  • The advance payment (which is not refunded in the case of failure) is 850 GBP, in the case you supply us with antigen. Additional 2400-2900 GBP will be charged after the delivery of producing hybridoma(s).
  • The protocol includes immunisation of five mice in 3-5 injections (according to the response). The customer gets the sera after 2nd injection for tests, we test after 2nd ant 3rd injection independently. We will do the most efficient screening to identify desirable clones.
  • We will communicate with you during the development process to design the best screening test to get a maximum number of hybridomas.
  • We can do small or large scale production of antibodies for you as well as we can purify your monoclonal antibody using protein A or protein L column.
See the necessary amounts of antigen,  time schedule of fusion or the peptide synthesis information for further reference.

The prices include packing and shipping costs. Does not include VAT, MWST, duty and similar taxes payable to the customers country authorities.
The prices in Euro are dependent fom current exchange rates (approximately GBP*1,2).

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